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Twelve astonishingly beautiful shader packs to use with Optifine 1.16.2 ® © 2020. Last Friday, Gearbox Software filed a suit against Apogee Software, the owners of Duke Nukem 3D developers* 3D Realms.

Law always changes, and it’s honestly a bit of a nightmare. *A point of order: 3D Realms today are not the American 3D Realms who developed Duke Nukem. The objective behind involving court is primarily to protect the interests of the company from any costs arising from Prince’s lawsuit. Gearbox bought the Duke Nukem franchise off ’em back in 2010, and now they’re accusing 3D Realms of failing to mention that …

In 2014, Gearbox sued 3D Realms and Interceptor Entertainment over Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction, a top-down action-RPG they were developing without the approval of Gearbox… Following graduation, both of them took jobs at local amusement arcade The Twilight Zone, allowing Miller to attend college and increase his interest in video games at the same time. They (and Apogee) are names and a handful of assets held by a Danish company, so there’s legal lineage but they’re different things. All the details of the transfer of rights detailed that the entire Duke IP is free from any licensing issues.. Everything was good until last year, when Bobby Prince sued Gearbox, Valve, and Randy Pitchford.

I decided to cease production of Reloaded in 2011 to establish Interceptor and work on Rise of the Triad.

To secure the future of Duke, 3D Realms has agreed with Gearbox that a single home serves the IP best.

Gearbox Software, 3D Realms and Interceptor Entertainment have resolved their differences; the parties have voluntarily ended all litigation between them. Whether it is ethical or not but one thing is for sure […]Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:Did You know?

To put it in simple words, Gearbox argues that 3D Realms at the time of the contract failed to mention that they didn’t own the music when it sold the Duke Nukem rights. Another point to note is that “if it turns out that 3D Realms didn’t own the music property at the time of the contract, it will also incur actual damages equal to the difference in the value of what 3D Realms agreed to transfer to Gearbox and what Gearbox actually deserved.”[…] Games is reaching out to big game developers, like GearBox and others, to secure exclusivity deals. Here’s some of what I just said, but in the suits’ own official law words (“…Gearbox purchased all intellectual property related to the Duke Nukem video game series (the ‘Duke IP’) from 3D Realms,” the lawsuit states. Gearbox was legally affirmed as the owner of the Duke Nukem property in 2011 after buying the rights off 3D Realms in 2010. I want to express my deepest gratitude to Gearbox for allowing me to work on Duke Nukem Reloaded. Right now, I, along with my Interceptor colleagues, are busy making the finishing touches on “Bombshell.” We can’t wait until you guys can play it! When Duke Nukem Forever was released in 2011, it didn’t do well (critically or commercially) – and 3D Realms tried to sue Gearbox for unpaid …

Gearbox Software President Randy Pitchford said, “I genuinely appreciate Mr. Neilson’s and Mr. Schreiber’s statement and sincerely offer my best wishes to Interceptor Entertainment and 3D Realms towards their future success and, as someone who was part of the 3D Realms team when Bombshell was first imagined, I am excited to see what they have in store for us with their game. The first was filed in 2014 over The world's defining voice in music and pop culture since 1952.
Now that the lawsuit is over, I’d like to say a few things about my history with Gearbox, and hopefully clear some things up. Get in touch below! 3D Realms filed its own lawsuit against Gearbox Software last year, alleging it was owed more than $2 million in unpaid royalties and fees from Duke Nukem Forever. Tagged with

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