How does house building development finance work?

How Does Building Development Finance Work? Finance is essential for building successful development projects. Whether it’s a new single house, new housing site new office or shop, or the renovation of an existing property, getting the necessary financing is paramount to making things work. Development loans are a popular source of funding for developers who […]

House Builder Turned Down For Development Finance?

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If you’re a UK house builder and have been declined for property development finance, don’t despair. A broker can assist in finding the right lender and completing any necessary specialist documentation.

Despite an uptick in investment, small and medium-sized developers are still finding it difficult to meet rising demand for new homes due to a lack of financing. There are numerous reasons why this is happening, but one major factor is the government’s focus on large-scale developers, which has made smaller players come close to extinction over the last few decades.

Doncaster Local business and economy

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Doncaster’s Local Economy and Business Doncaster South Yorkshire has a strong local economy and business. A range of initiatives have been introduced to increase inward investment and improve local skills. The town has a rich history rooted in railways, horse racing (the oldest class race in Britain is held at Doncaster Racecourse), mining and Roman […]

How does a bridging loan work

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How does a bridging loan work ? Bridging loans are secured financial loans that fill (or “bridge”) the gap that occurs when you want to purchase a property before other funding is available. Since these loans are asset-based, you must own property, land or another asset of high value for loan approval. Many people use […]

case study – Single house

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Case study 1 – Development Finance Client seeking to use some surplus cash and pensions,  to purchase a plot of land and build a single new build house on it.  Client bought the site for £250k using their own funds. Client has a further £100k  of own funds but needed a development loan of £135k […]