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75% Development Finance

If you are a builder, then you’re good at what you do – building houses,  but you might not be so great at sifting through lenders criteria and filling in multiple forms, creating cash flow forecasts and build schedules to get finance.  

we can help with the  application,  stage payments and exit finance if required


8 /10 developers struggle to get the finance they need and spend hours and weeks searching for a deal that they can live with – Let us help you make your next project a success.

we can help support you…

boost development finance 10%

+10% Presales Boost

Boost your “Day 1 cash”  by 10% of the GDV ! 

If you are a builder, then you know ‘cash is king’  there have been many good sites lost due to cashflow issues.  So just imagine how an extra 10% of the sites GDV in cash on day 1  could help you drive the site forward at breakneck speed !

You can still sell the houses at FULL VALUE  yourself and retain the full profit ( and just pay the presales agent a small commission) , or  if they just cant be sold, rest assured knowing that every house on the site has been sold off plan. 

Let us help you make your next project a success. 

100% Development finance

100% development finance is available , as long as you have additional security that you can use to support the loan.  This might be another site, another property a BTL portfolio etc.  By leveraging the risk  against the additional collateral, a lender can then lend upto 100% ( or more )  against the site you are looking to develop. 

we can help with the  application,  stage payments and exit finance if required

Let us help you make your next project a success.

we can help support you…

100% Joint Venture Finance

100% of ALL costs fully covered

100% Joint venture finance  is available for  sites of 2 – 9 new build houses in England and Wales.

Typical Loan values of £1.5m – £2.0m  max  and a ROI in the region of 25% is expected.  If you have a site that you would like me to ascertain if its suitable for a Joint Venture Please get in touch with your outline, purchase, build and sales values, and i can help calculate if it will meet the finance teams criteria 

how to get 100 percent property development finance

Development Finance Finance to 100%  Loans for land Loans for houses Loans for builders Self Build Finance

Property Development Finance

100% Build costs , construction Loans for House Builders
100% Funding

Need help with - Property Bridging Loan? Self build Finance Development finance ? 1st or  2nd Charge ?

Hello !  I’m David Farrell, the owner of Quest Finance Ltd.   Not sure which finance type you need ?  – Let me help you, here’s a quick outline:

  • Bridging Loans, are typically used for: purchasing a property undervalue, supporting auction bids with fast finance,  funding the build of single or 2 storey extensions to houses.
  • Development Finance, tends to be more for larger developments  eg Full new house builds  from  a single property through to builders building 200+ houses on larger building sites , or converting an old pub or office block into 12 flats etc
  • Self Build Finance – Thinking of building your own house? Many people opt to do this and with timber frame and modular constructions methods its getting easier  for people to get their dream house built just the way they want it.

Let me help you ;

  • Understand – Which is right for you ? 
  • Get all the figures correct – so the lenders lend
  • Get a working cashflow forecast that lenders will love 
  • Present the best case to lenders – so you get your funding

The easiest way is to request a callback  or call me direct and we can discuss your case and I can see what fits your circumstances the best.

I look forward to helping you


David farrell

David Farrell


Quest Finance Ltd

Direct - 07777981 9891.

Bridging loans & Development Loans

Bridging loans are often used in property transactions, they can be used to break property chains, where you need to buy that next property before selling the current property. Or perhaps you need to buy a property at undervalue, or it needs renovation and doesn’t quite fit mainstream mortgage lenders criteria until the kitchens fitted etc.

When a  Bridging loan is used for larger property development eg the building of a house from ground up, or building of several houses, then rather than being called bridging finance its more often called a Development loan or Development finance.

For more details visit our dedicated Bridging loan web page….

Need a quick quote on a Bridging loan?

Property Development finance

Development Finance – Do you have a building project that needs some finance?  Whether your project is a one off new build, large extension or loft conversion or a site with multiple new build properties, we can HELP YOU get the finance you need.

We can help you with;

  • Getting a lender in place that WILL lend
  • Planning out cash-flow
  • Ensuring you get the right funds at the right time
  • Handling all the finance paperwork.

Property development finance made easy. If you are a builder, then you’re good at what you do – building houses,  but you might not be so great at sifting through lenders criteria and filling in multiple forms, creating cash flow forecasts and build schedules to get finance.  Let us help you – we have commercial finance lenders that can lend upto 60% to kickstart projects and fund 100% of all build costs. From direct commercial development finance lenders to Private Investors we can help you search for  the funds to finance your project.

house builder finance
Development Finance

House Builder Turned Down For Development Finance?

If you’re a UK house builder and have been declined for property development finance, don’t despair. A broker can assist in finding the right lender and completing any necessary specialist documentation.

Despite an uptick in investment, small and medium-sized developers are still finding it difficult to meet rising demand for new homes due to a lack of financing. There are numerous reasons why this is happening, but one major factor is the government’s focus on large-scale developers, which has made smaller players come close to extinction over the last few decades.

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development finance house building
Development Finance

case study – Single house

Case study 1 – Development Finance Client seeking to use some surplus cash and pensions,  to purchase a plot of land and build a single

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Help finding 100% property development finance

We can arrange finance that suit you and your business from our large panel of lenders.

  • Same day decision in principle
  • Upto 18 months terms
  • Upto 100% development finance
  • We can help structure the finance / cashflow
  • Residential development finance or commercial

We can compare development finance lenders, to ensure we get the right property development finance lenders that will lend on your specific project, as some have regional areas they will / will not lend on. So for eg if you need development finance in Manchester, Bristol, Leeds or Birmingham etc we can search for lenders that will lend in that area. Many also have minimum property development finance loan amounts. Meaning that searching blind can take you days if not weeks.  Let us help you find the right house building loan for you.

100% development construction site finance

100% bridging Development loans

we compare development finance lenders – leaving you to do the bit you are really good at – building !

”Can I get 100% development finance?” Yes you can.

We have lenders that will fund 100%  of the purchase price and 100% of the development, ideally the lenders would like some additional security  to be able to offer that.    In simple terms the lenders want you to have ‘some skin in the game’.  If you have nothing to lose, its easy for you to walk away,  and they do not want a half built housing site in the west midlands !    They want you to have the drive to succeed and make the projected profits.

Most builders don’t actually need 100%  finance, as often they either already own the land or can get a deferred payment option put in place.  In these cases you get 100% funding of the build costs.

Interest amounts charged on these property development and house builder loans is typically retained by the lender until the construction project completion. At that time, the amount of the loan is paid back by the borrower plus the accrued interest. This means that the borrower doesn’t have to make monthly payments on a loan. Most developers and builders agree that making monthly repayments can be both inconvenient and difficult. This is mainly because cash flow rates can be nearly impossible to predict during the property construction period. Many lenders also prefer to receive a full, one-time repayment of a loan for funding build costs when building is completed.

Since property development  loans are short-term loans, lenders have no problem with retaining interest charges until project completion. These loans are commonly issued for a time period equaling 6 to 18 months. Simple property renovations may require only three months to finalise

100% development finance

100% development finance  is available with extra security  eg  your own or another property  that a comfort charge can be placed on

”I’m new to this can i still get it ?Yes  – It is often used by experienced builders financing the development for a new build site, but equally its used by homeowners, or builders new into the property building market. Eg  you might have been a builder doing extensions and renovations, and want to break into doing your own new builds

”What will I need ?” – Ideally we would like people to either be able to put in 50% of the initial site purchase cost themselves. Or  you can negotiate with the landowner for a deferred purchase, whereby you pay him out of the profits at the end.

Ideally no major bad credit eg Bankruptcy, IVA’s or ccjs in the last 2 years, although this is non status lending the lender will still want to know you are a good overall risk.

We can help structure the deal to be acceptable  and also guide you to who WILL lend to you based on the proposed development and your background.


Previous Bad credit ?

”I have previous bad credit – can i still get it ?”  – We arrange finance for businesses in all situations. We can even arrange finance for business where the directors are previously bankrupt, as long as they have been discharged for 2 years +

Unlike residential mortgage finance, construction finance is not credit scored.

Dealing with these lenders, we get to know, what each one typically likes to lend on, what development projects they would fund 100% and if your a homeowner seeking self build then who will lend regulated development finance, as not all  lenders can lend on regulated finance deals.

We care & are here to help you !

If you have a project and need help building the case for finance, let us help you   –   OK you might be great at building houses, but finance structuring, cash flow forecasting and form filling !  – might not be your strong areas.

On property development - What is 'Exit finance' ?

For the vast bulk of properties the exit route for development finance is the sale of the properties once built.  It can be common for a few  properties to be ‘still left over’ awaiting a buyer at the end of the project.  This can frustrate the builder as often a large proportion of the profit is tied up in the last half dozen buildings.  That is where you might need to use a development finance exit route .  Quite simply if the properties are residential houses, we can help put in place temporary BTL mortgages, thus releasing 75% to 80%  of the property equity, meaning the builder can use those monies to fund their next development.  so if you need a development finance exit route sorting, just get in touch !

If you need a development finance exit route for commercial properties, then we can look to source a suitable commercial finance deal to enable the release of equity.

Property Development Finance

100% Build costs , construction Loans for House Builders
100% Funding
Development finance Lenders

We work with a wide range of development finance lenders that lend across England and Wales. 

We are very keen to work with Builders seeking construction development finance in;  London, Bristol, Birmingham, Hereford, Gloucester, Aylesbury, Oxford, Luton, St Albans, Cheltenham,Worcester, Reading,  Bournemouth, Poole, and Exeter