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We are proud to be a member of the Equity Release Council

Looking for help on Equity Release? Paying off an outstanding mortgage? Gifting an early inheritance? which lender is best for you? paying for home improvements? Making adaptations to your home? Boosting your income in retirement? Paying for care or support? Helping Family members ? gifting family house deposits? going on the holiday of a lifetime?

" Because we care - "

. We will treat you as if you were our own family making this decision - because we care about making sure it's right for you !

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You can stay in your home 'for life'

There are no 'fixed end dates', you can stay in your own home.


We are an approved member of the Equity Release Council and I hold the full qualifications for giving you advice in this area.

FREE Chat - from an FCA Regulated advisor

Free initial chat - no obligation ( but our fees are lower than most, so you'll be back !)

Don't you owe it to yourself - to know that you have had truly IMPARTIAL advice  from an advisor NOT  tied  to / or having links to their OWN lender?

Hello !  I’m David Farrell, the owner of Quest Finance Ltd.   I’m not tied to, or owned by any ONE lender,(unlike some ).  So I can guarantee my advice is always whats best for YOU from the whole of the market. I am here to represent YOU, not the lender that owns me! 

  • Which lenders could charge high variable exit fee’s of up to  25%?
  • Which lenders have true downsizing options ?
  • Which deal and lender is right for you ? 
  • What for example – can Scottish Widows Offer? ( they are part of the Lloyds Banking Group)

Here’s another 3 great reasons to let me help you;

  1. I would personally handle your case from start to finish
  2. You get a FREE initial meeting and genuinely LOW advice fees – much , much lower than the big 3 / main competitors.
  3. You will also get an ‘annual ‘check in’  to see if any changes, or if rates have dropped and its in your best interest  / you want to move the deal – I will move you to the cheaper deal and I will NOT charge you any further advice fee.

The easiest way to get started is to request a callback  or call me direct and we can discuss your case and I can see what fits your circumstances the best.

Get impartial advice from an Advisor that will look at the WHOLE OF THE MARKET & approved lenders for you.

I look forward to helping you


David farrell

David Farrell

Director,  Quest Finance Ltd

Tel 0800 246 5698   /  0777 981 9891

We don't pay for TV adverts........ so we don't make you pay for them either....

We will source the most suitable lowest cost deal for you from a wide range of approved lenders including…

equity release lenders

You're in SAFE hands...

Later Life Lending

Equity Release, Retirement Interest Only Mortgages
Equity Release

Here’s 10 Top protections for you..

  1. You have a guaranteed right to ‘remain in your own home’ for life.
  2. All Lifetime mortgages are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) since 2004
  3. You will get a ‘No negative equity guarantee’ from our approved lenders
  4. We are an ‘Approved Member’  of the Equity Release Council – all the plans we offer fully meet Equity Release council approval.
  5. Lifetime mortgages are also covered under FSCS ( financial services compensation scheme )
  6. Inheritance Guarantees are available, to ensure some monies are always left for your loved ones.
  7. The ability to ‘move home’ and close or take your lifetime mortgage with you to the next property ( as long as it meets lenders requirements).
  8. Interest rates are normally FIXED FOR LIFE, meaning you have certainty of exactly how it will run.
  9. If you use QUEST, know that we are impartial and whole of market, to get you the most suitable deal from approved lenders.
  10. If you have used QUEST for your initial deal, if rates change and its advantageous for you to move to a  new lower rate. We will NOT charge you a further advice fee.
equity release FAQs

With a lifetime mortgage you don’t have to make any monthly payments. Instead the interest is added to the amount you owe each month.
This means interest will be charged on the loan plus any interest already added. The lifetime mortgage is usually repaid from the sale of your home when you, or the remaining applicant (if the mortgage is in joint names) dies or moves out of your home into long term care. Of course, any money left over would go to your beneficiaries.

Your lifetime mortgage can move with you, subject to term and conditions of your lender. You must discuss moving home with your lender before committing to a purchase.

Property values may change, and any fall in value will affect the equity available to you or the beneficiaries of your estate. Your lenders No Negative Equity Guarantee means you or your beneficiaries will never have to pay back more than the amount your property is sold for. This is provided it’s sold for the best price reasonably obtainable and you have met your lenders terms and conditions for your lifetime mortgage

A lifetime Mortgage offers you a cash sum as the initial loan. If you choose to take less than the maximum amount you’re eligible for, you may have the flexibility to borrow more in the future. You may be able to borrow up to the maximum originally agreed. This could be in one cash sum or a number of smaller amounts. If there is no Drawdown Facility available you may need to apply for a further advance. This is additional borrowing on top of your existing lifetime mortgage. Applications for further advances may be considered 12 months after completion of a lifetime mortgage. Any further borrowing must be on the same basis as an existing lifetime mortgage. The interest rate may be different depending on interest rates available at the time of requesting further advance. The difference between the initial cash sum you take and the maximum amount you could take is called Drawdown Facility

For equity release – there are no income requirements, unless you opt to make monthly payments, in which case lenders will check its feasible.

For RIO’s or mortgages in retirement, the same rules for mortgage affordability apply,  IE  you must have enough income to prove you can maintain the mortgage payments.  Often lenders currently cite that as the last person remaining can still afford the mortgage.

Unlike schemes in the 80’s and 90’s  the equity release and lifetime mortgages now come under the control of the Financial Conduct Authority ( FCA )

There are also several safeguards, such as no negative equity guarantee’s, right to remain in the property for life etc,  that has made these much more robust products for today’s consumers.

Good question,  this is often hidden by many.  Unlike some Advice companies that charge a minimum fee of £1,795  or 1.99%.  

At Quest we believe in a fair and consistent fee,  so we charge a set price of £995*

How that compares in real life –  You ask for a lifetime mortgage plan for £160,000;

  • Our Competitor at £1,795 minimum  / 1.99%  would charge = £3,184
  • Quest Finance Fee = Maximum of £995
  • Saving you at least £2,189!

* Note We have Special offers sometime available – PLUS we do NOT charge for any lifetime mortgage deals which release over £200,000.

Later Life Lending / Equity Release

Equity Release services – Key Reasons to use ourselves:

  • Whole of Market advice
  • We will assess your needs & circumstances
  • Offer a FREE Initial consultation
  • FREE  Later Life Lending guide
  • Search across all available Lenders
  • We are NOT tied or affiliated to just one lender.

A Lifetime Mortgage or lending in retirement, may well be the last mortgage /  major financial decision you make.


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Later Life Lending / Equity Release

Aged 55+ ?

Later Life Lending covers lending options for those aged 55+,  including; Retirement Interest Only Mortgages, Lifetime Mortgages and  Equity Release.

One of the main types that is commonly known to most people is Equity Release,  this  is a lifetime mortgage,  which is a loan secured against your home. Typically the loan and compound interest is repaid when the last borrower dies or moves into long-term care.

Lifetime mortgages and equity release need to be given careful consideration, please contact us and we will discuss your options and how each product works. So that you are in an informed position, before committing to anything.


Equity release includes Lifetime Mortgages and Home Reversion Schemes. We can advise and arrange Lifetime Mortgages and will refer to an approved specialist for Home Reversion schemes’.   Lifetime mortgages mean you still OWN YOU HOME,

Home reversion plans – involve selling your property and leasing it back – as this is a very niche product, we will pass you onto others for advice on Home Reversion products.

For More Info Call

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Plus at QUEST – you get ONE dedicated advisor  that hand holds you through the whole process.  We don’t inflate solicitors fees  to get a marketing allowance etc  you get good solid CLEAN advice.

How do 'we' compare ?

If you read nothing else  – then please take note of a few key points below and see how our advice fees compare to the big 3 national advice companies.


Many of the so called ‘comparison sites’  aren’t actually advice companies.  Many are marketing companies (  for example.  Bark.co.uk   or comparing-equity-release.co.uk  etc ), that simply SELL YOUR DATA onto real advice companies. They make their money by selling your information onto at least 1 and in many cases upto 5 x advice companies.  That means you potentially face upto 5 companies all calling you and chasing you for business.  Whilst that might sound great ! just think for a minute if you really want 5 companies all applying to various lenders – 

  • Are you comfortable with your details being SOLD to another company ?
  • Do you feel the ‘lead generation company ‘ might really have been not portraying a very clear offer in terms of what they actually do?
  • What are these companies going to charge as afee, having already had to fork out for lead costs ? surely they are going to want to recoup those ?
  • How good is the advice going to be ?
  • Is that how YOU really want to be treated ?

Ok so how do our fees compare?

There are 3 very large national companies and they typically advertise on TV, you may well have seen those ads  – but who is paying for the TV ad  that might typically cost £1,000 a second ?

Figures below correct As of 1st April 2021 – for true impartial advice on whole of market, and example shown is on a  client who needs to repay a £120,000  interest only mortgage

Advice Company

Fee structure

Actual Fee charged

Saving with QUEST

Key Retirement

1.99% / Minimum £1,795


Save over £1,393 !

Age Partnership



Save over £800 !

Responsible Life



Save over £495 !