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 I note that you potentially work with / come into contact with a lot of  the  ‘older  generation’   i.e.  aged 55+

I appreciate you will build up good rapport with your clients, and come to regard them as more than just a  customer. You may in passing have heard or noted that some might mention they aren’t able to attend as frequently, or can’t afford luxuries like holidays or cutting back due to the cost of living etc  You may be able to help them by referring them to me for equity release 

EQUITY RELEASE / lifetime mortgages for the 60 – 90 age group.

Key points On equity release

  • Must be homeowners aged 55 – 95
  • min property value  £75,000  ( max £10m ) 
  • There are No income or affordability checks
  • Property is still owned by the applicants  ( just like any mortgage)
  • There are NO mandatory monthly payments  ( optional payments are acceptable)
  • Money is released tax free
  • They can live in their property for life or transfer  to a new property  eg  downsize 
  • the equity release is simply repaid from profits of the house sale when they go into a care home or pass away.


Here are the main uses / reasons why people take equity release ;

  • Repay an Interest Only mortgage whose bank is calling it in – at end of term
  • Gifting to family as early inheritance  ( or one even bought a  £96k motorhome ! )
  • Buying newer cars
  • Home improvements or garden improvements
  • Having more income to meet monthly bills & just enjoy retirement 
  • Paying for ‘carers at home’, so they can stay in their own home longer


Nice to Know bits…..

I have worked under subcontract for Aviva  and also at another  Key equity release  advice company, so have handled a large volume of equity release cases  ( so, I know what i’m doing )  

 the key difference is that I am now fully impartial  so i can advise across a wide range of lenders to get the best rates / deals

– and my fee  is roughly £1,000  less than the TV advertised firms 

– Unlike some companies  – I don’t have any sales targets on wills or LPA’s ( Lasting Powers of Attorney )  – so clients aren’t forced / automatically bundled into taking them if they aren’t actually necessary  

( and yes the large firm advisors are targeted on at least 65% taking them out, which can easily add £2,000+  onto their clients overall advice fees )

Not sure what equity release is ?  here’s  2,   quick 1 minute videos  


If  you know anyone,  please mention my name & details to them  or forward this  along ! 

Get them to mention your name,  and in return should they go ahead and complete an equity release, although I appreciate you are doing it to help them,  I would also seek to help you by sending you a very nice referral commission.

I would love to work with you going forwards.  If you’d like more details or would like a chat over the phone or for me to pop around and chat over a coffee, just let me know !


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