20+ Reasons to recommend HSBC this Year

Ok so lets get started heres our first top 10 in our reasons to recommend HSBC !.

1.     One Year self-employed – we will use 50% of Net Profit for anyone who only has first year figures

2.     HSBC allows someone who cannot go on the mortgage to gift deposit and also live in the property

3.     Reducing ERC’s on fixed products – making the cost of leaving early much less than most lenders

4.     Fantastic 2 year Tracker products, incl. fee free options with no penalties for leaving early

5.     Provided it makes sense we use 100% of income from multiple jobs/income streams.

6.     Number 6 in our list of reasons to recommend HSBC – We work with Net Profit after Corporation Tax for company directors – Utilizing true earnings and significantly boosting borrowing power!

7.     We can accept over 100 different currencies

8.     Start the product transfer process 180 days early and no limit on how many times you can change the rate

9.     For anyone earning monthly additional income – HSBC takes an average of the last 3 months and annualises, regardless of YTD or basic income earnings

10.Use future LTB rental income not yet being received as income on the ‘onward purchase’ application with HSBC – boosting borrowing power!

Ok so that was the first top 10 in our reasons to recommend HSBC !… want some more ?

even more reasons to recommend HSBC….

11.If you ever get a ‘Provisional accept decision’ we can issue DIP certificates if you need it – just get in touch with me

12.We now offer a maximum 40 year term – including on 2nd home and further borrowing applications

13.We have flexible criteria to support anyone in the middle of changing from Sole trader to ltd company and employee to director/ partner 

14. Number 14 in our list oif reasons to recommend HSBC …In some cases we can lend up to 5.5 x income, where total income on an application is over 100k and LTV is less than 85%

15.We allow lending on 2nd homes up to 80%

16.Interest Only – max term is to age 75 and minimum income 75k (ask me about our fantastic ‘Adhoc capital’ repayment strategy)

17.We allow Day One remortgaging, no need to wait 6 or 12 months with HSBC!

18.We can go up to 90% LTV for additional borrowing (80% for debt con, max 50k) 

19.We use automated ONS data for pensions meaning we  do not include specific pension amounts as a deduction, if your client has a particularly high contribution then this policy will significantly boost borrowing power!

20.Cash back offered on most re-mortgage rates or the choice of fee assisted – giving you the flexibility to decide what’s best for your client!

21.We have a dedicated ‘High Value Mortgage Service’ for £1m + cases, includes bespoke UW and additional support

22.We are one of very few lenders that allows additional borrowing for business purposes (Max LTV 75%)