Aviva and Legal and general equity release

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Both Aviva and Legal and General Equity release lifetime mortgages have become a popular financial option for homeowners who are looking to access the equity in their homes. Both Aviva equity release and Legal and General equity release offer excellent lifetime mortgage products, but dont you owe it to yourself to make sure you got […]

Equity Release FAQs

equity release FAQs

Equity Release Lifetime Mortgages FAQs Equity release lifetime mortgages are a popular product that provides the capacity to draw down money from your property in one lump sum or with the ‘drawdown’ facility, allowing you to access small amounts as and when needed. What is equity release? . Equity release is a way of accessing […]

Why You Should Use a qualified Equity Release Adviser

Equity Release Protection – Why You Should Use an Independent Equity Release Adviser When considering whether or not you should release equity from your home, there are a few essential things to remember. Most importantly, always seek independent financial advice from an experienced independent advisor or mortgage broker who specializes in equity release. An independent […]

How overpayments work on equity release

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How you can use optional over payments to reduce the roll up of interest on a lifetime mortgage / equity release How Overpayments Work on Equity Release Equity release is a method of freeing up cash that’s been trapped in your property, tax-free, allowing you to remain in your home. It could also serve as […]

Doncaster Local business and economy

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Doncaster’s Local Economy and Business Doncaster South Yorkshire has a strong local economy and business. A range of initiatives have been introduced to increase inward investment and improve local skills. The town has a rich history rooted in railways, horse racing (the oldest class race in Britain is held at Doncaster Racecourse), mining and Roman […]

Retirement Interest Only Mortgages

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Retirement Interest Only Mortgages Retirement interest only mortgages (RIO’s) are a new option for wealthier homeowners looking to release funds tied up in their home. They are now gaining favour with a growing number of lenders, said one market insider. These mortgages work in a similar way to standard interest-only deals but there’s a key […]

Equity Release Pro’s and Cons

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But before you make the decision, it’s important to consider all your options and get financial advice from a qualified financial adviser. They can advise you on which scheme is best for your circumstances, and how it could affect tax and inheritance, or your benefits if you’re receiving means-tested payments now.